Tessellations – The Beneventi School


girl with doll


Tessellations provides challenging experiential education that recognizes and nurtures the individual strengths of gifted learners, empowering them to confidently express who they are and pursue a meaningful life.


We are a community of imaginative, empathetic, productive, and passionate lifelong learners who advance an equitable and sustainable world.

We Value

  • Wonder, curiosity, and deep learning
  • Rigor, resilience, and courage
  • Kindness, generosity, and integrity
  • Open-mindedness and adaptability
  • Acceptance of self and harmony with others
  • Connection with and respect for nature

We Believe

  • Social and emotional skills are essential for positive life outcomes.
  • Focusing on the whole child is the heart of gifted education.
  • Imagination is a vehicle for positive change.
  • Tessellations is a place of endless possibilities and hope.