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Is My Child Gifted?

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We knew our daughter was a quick learner, but we didn’t truly understand the extent of her giftedness. Once we learned more about her needs as a gifted child, we realized how critical the right education would be for her development.

– Tessellations Parent

Is My Child Gifted?

While no two gifted children are the same, research has shown that gifted learners may often exhibit several of the following characteristics and behaviors:

  • Express curiosity about many things, want to learn
  • Ask thoughtful and complex questions
  • Have an extensive vocabulary
  • Understand abstract concepts; thrive on complexity
  • Are drawn toward the creative, artistic, and the imaginative
  • Are highly sensitive and compassionate toward others
  • May be very intense or sensitive; show strong feelings or opinions
  • Solve problems or organize information in unique ways
  • May be highly energetic
  • Have an unusually good and detailed memory
  • Have an unusually strong moral compass or sense of justice
  • Use previously learned data in new contexts
  • Detect patterns; draw inferences
  • May see many solutions to a problem
  • Discuss and elaborate on ideas; give complicated/detailed explanations
  • Learn information quickly
  • May prefer the company of older children and adults
  • Exhibit a highly developed or keen sense of humor
  • May be perfectionistic, highly self-critical; like to be the best in everything
  • May have varied interests
  • Have a sustained attention span; show willingness to persist on challenging tasks (particularly in their area of interest)
  • Are very observant

At Tessellations, we have a deep understanding and respect for the extraordinary abilities that distinguish gifted children. We provide an educational environment and experiences that are informed by our students’ advanced capabilities and individual needs, including their rapid pace of learning, curiosity, and interests.

It should be noted that misunderstandings and myths about gifted children abound. The myths surrounding gifted children are more than just inaccurate; they are destructive. When giftedness is supported, it leads to advanced development.

We maintain open minds and hearts, encouraging everyone to be themselves, while respecting the uniqueness of others. We believe the things that make us unique also make us compelling.