Tessellations – The Beneventi School

Main Campus

Our Main Campus

Tessellations’ 6-acre Main Campus is located in Cupertino, only a couple minutes from the 85/280 interchange. The campus comprises two adjacent properties with classrooms, multiple outdoor play areas, and a grassy field. Students also enjoy the community garden, a heritage orchard, play structures, a blacktop, and more. Several large indoor spaces are also available for all-school gatherings, performances, and other events. Our landlords for both properties are churches, and while we plan to partner on several service projects, the school is not affiliated with any religious entity.

Additionally, Tessellations’ Outdoor Education Program has students spend the greater part of a day each week outside on hikes, classes conducted outdoors, and free play in nature. This enables students to observe the plants and animals across all seasons. Our location allows for efficient access to excellent nature preserves. The usual destination for these days outside is Tessellations’ Nature Campus, which is a mere 12min away, but there are also times when we visit other natural areas in the nearby vicinity. Our proximity to Highways 85 and 280 make getting to these locations relatively quick and easy.

Here is a map view and a satellite view:

Our address: 20900 & 20920 McClellan Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014